Note on registrant reaccreditation requirements


UKCP Newsletter Update  22.01.2024

In the early days of the pandemic, UKCP encouraged organisational members to be supportive and flexible when reviewing reaccreditation submissions in relation to requirements around client hours and variety of CPD.


While ample CPD was available initially in the form of reading, eventually online workshops, videos and webinars became more readily available, providing the recommended variety. Due to health and safety concerns, many of our registrants were unable to meet all of their client and/or supervision hours during the pandemic, especially at the beginning. This shifted slowly as different ways of working were introduced, such as online client work.


We anticipate our registrants have been able to meet the minimum 250 hours of CPD for the past five years of practice, despite the variety being low. We also anticipate that our registrants have now moved back towards their usual client loads. While we encourage the registrants to communicate with their OMs (UPCA) when challenges arise, we recognise this doesn’t always happen, and you may receive a submission which isn’t where it should be. Those low numbers will now be showing up in their reaccreditation submissions from the past five years. While still actively considering risk to public and clients, we encourage OMs to continue flexibility in relation to requirements being met.


For example, if total hours were a little low in the submission (for CPD, client hours or supervision), then consider, rather than removal from the register, setting an increased requirement for a specific probationary timeframe and requesting a resubmission at that point to evidence the requirements are being met.


Risk to the register and to clients must be considered as priority, but this should be weighed against experience, ability and what they have managed to achieve during those years.


Please contact your relevant college committee or the UKCP regulation and quality assurance team ( if you wish to discuss a particular situation and how to proceed with it.