UPCA trained psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors are trained to UPCA’s rigorous Standards of Education & Training.

As a condition of membership, UPCA members agreed to be bound by UPCA’s Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

The standards are intended to provide a safe foundation for the relationship between the therapist and their clients.

Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics for UPCA Members

This document establishes the standards by which members of UPCA are expected to practice as professional counsellors and psychotherapists. These standards provide the ethical code of conduct and performance for members, and are the basis for UPCA principles of ‘Fitness to Practice’ (see: ‘UPCA Fitness to Practice Procedures’ and ‘UPCA Declaring Police Charges, Cautions and Convictions’).

Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics

Having your Say

UPCA would like to appoint a lay member to its governing body. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us for further information. We would particularly be interested in hearing from anyone who has used the services of our members.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

UPCA recognises the contribution of all its members and associates, and the diversity and vulnerability of those seeking counselling and psychotherapy.

UPCA is committed to eliminating discrimination and to promoting equality and diversity for all.

Our full Equal Opportunities and Diversity Statement can be found below.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Statement