5th European Conference for Existential Therapy


Just as we sometimes build walls to feel secure, we also need to build bridges to keep the dialogue.



Bridges unite; they point to the existence of a common path. They are the key symbol that the disparity between the two sides can meet. In these difficult times the world is going through, we intend to look at existential therapy with the power of the unifying aspect that bridges represent.


We are pleased to announce that the Fifth European Conference for Existential Therapy, which has been held in different countries for the past four years, will be held in Istanbul on May 24-25, 2024, with the theme ‘Building Bridges’.


Istanbul, with its magnificent geography, where with three different bridges, continents meet each other, witnessing the coexistence of the old and the new, the past and the future, the water and the land, the nostalgic and the modern for centuries, will host the Fifth European Conference for Existential Therapy.


In this key event of the year 2024, participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge with colleagues through keynotes, paper presentations, discussions, panels, workshops, and poster presentations.


We look forward to seeing all our speakers and participants in Istanbul on the 24th and 25th of May for the 5th European Conference for Existential Therapy. Our conference program will be announced in the upcoming weeks.


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