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Here you can find all the important documents associated with your membership of UPCA. Remember, it is mandatory for UPCA members to work within the Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics of the association.

Standards Of Conduct, Performance and Ethics

The practice of Psychotherapy or Counselling by UPCA members is within a framework of the alleviation of patients' suffering and promotion of their well-being. This code sets out the overriding principles that should govern that practice.

This code also sets out key guidelines as they apply to referrals, confidentiality, professional relationships, psychotherapist / patient relationships, research and publication, competence, insurance and detrimental behaviour.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

fitness to practice procedures

The 'Fitness to Practice' Procedures are designed to respond to, and manage, concern about a member's fitness to practice in a clinical setting, and their rights to maintain membership and professional registration. Fitness to Practice Procedures are divided into five main sections:

  • Complaints management
  • Initial assessment and appraisal
  • Investigation and investigating panels
  • Adjudication and Fitness to Practice Panels
  • Appeals

continued professional development (CPD)

The purpose of CPD activity is protection of the public through maintenance and improvement of professional standards. Accreditation of university and university-linked courses includes the provision of continuing professional development for graduates. UPCA therefore asks its clinical members, as part of being professional psychotherapists, or counsellors, to demonstrate that clinical professional development has been maintained and that clinical practice is up-to-date. Forms should be submitted annually with your request for membership renewal.

UPCA register of supervisors

As you may be aware, UPCA is currently setting up a register of supervisors who will also be eligible to appear on the UKCP list of supervisors.  As part of this process a route whereby current supervisors can be grandparented on to the register has been devised.  This grandparenting route will remain open for a period of three years running from 2012 as set out in the UKCP Policy on Supervision.

Grandparenting is a transitional process and refers to people who have practised as a supervisor before the supervision register opened and who do not hold an approved qualification.  The grandparenting arrangements enable these individuals to apply for registration.  All clinical members will receive a letter clarifying the grandparenting process, and inviting them to apply for registration through the grandparenting route, if they meet the requirements.

UPCA grandparenting scheme guidelines This gives information on the requirements that need to be met in order to be registered as a supervisor.

UPCA supervision register application form

Reference form

There is no charge for registration as a supervisor through the grandparenting scheme but this will be reviewed on an annual basis.

UPCA membership benefits

Membership with UPCA provides the opportunity to join the only independent national register for psychotherapists and/or psychotherapeutic counsellors who have trained within universities.  The quality of these trainings is linked with research and developments in the field and meets the highest of academic as well as professional and ethical standards.

Benefits include:

  • Clinical membership leads to inclusion on the UPCA independent, national register as a psychotherapist or psychotherapeutic counsellor
  • Accredited clinical membership provides a route to the UKCP National Register of Psychotherapists and the UKCP National register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors
  • The opportunity to be accredited as a supervisor and be included on both the UPCA and UKCP registers of supervisors
  • Clear mechanisms, with no additional charges, for meeting the 5 yearly re-accreditation requirments of both UPCA and UKCP
  • Support with UKCP random audit procedures
  • Access to an on-line newsletter
  • Reduced fees for UPCA conferences and events
  • Reduced fee subscription to the European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling

For a full, detailed list of the benefits of UPCA membership please follow the link here

Regional Centres

Our policy is to develop regional centres in order to open up the possibility of CPD opportunities for all our members. Please contact approved accredited training programmes.