There are five classes of individual membership:

Clinical Accredited Member: MUPCA(Accred)

If you have successfully completed and graduated from an approved UPCA counselling / psychotherapy programme and have been awarded accredited status as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor or Psychotherapist, then you can use the letters MUPCA (Accred) together with the relevant title.


Clinical Member: MUPCA

If you have successfully completed and graduated from an approved UPCA counselling / psychotherapy programme, you are eligible to apply for clinical membership of UPCA with the use of the designatory letters MUPCA following the relevant title (Psychotherapeutic Counsellor or Psychotherapist).


Research Membership:

Open to non-clinical staff of university-linked courses


Associate Membership:

Open to any member of a university with an interest in psychotherapy or counselling, or to any psychotherapist or counsellor with a commitment to the academic development of the subject.



Student Membership:

Open to current students of a UPCA Accredited University-Linked psychotherapy or counselling course.



institutional membership and affiliation

University Departments, Research Centres and University-linked Institutions may become affiliated to the Association. If you represent an organisation interested in becoming affiliated please contact us.

View list of approved training institutions.

If you have any queries regarding your membership then please contact us.

UPCA register of supervisors

UPCA is currently setting up a register of supervisors who will also be eligible to appear on the UKCP list of supervisors.  As part of this process a route has been devised whereby current supervisors, who do not hold an approved supervision qualification, can be grandparented onto the register. 

Information on applying through the UPCA grandparenting scheme for registration as a supervisor

Application form for registration as a supervisor

Reference form

Assessement of Prior Learning (APL) and Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)


For those who have completed a training and gained further post-qualifying experience that together demonstrate they have met the UPCA/UTC Standards for Education and Training for either registration as a psychotherapeutic counsellor or psychotherapist, there is a route to accreditation through APL and APEL.  The full guidelines outlined in the handbook can be found here.