about the upca


UPCA was founded in 1993 as the Universities Psychotherapy Association (UPA) with the object of furthering the development of psychotherapy training. Since then the objectives and organisation of the association have evolved to encompass a greater focus on protecting the public in addition to its original aims.

UPCA is run by a governing body known as the Council.  The Objectives of UPCA are to:

  • To protect the public by promoting safe and ethical psychotherapy and counselling practice amongst its members.
  • To enhance and develop public confidence in members psychotherapy and counselling practice.
  • To promote high standards of psychotherapeutic training and education
  • To provide a forum for the exploration of the common ground of psychotherapy and counselling;
  • To develop the academic and research base of psychotherapy and counselling;

A copy of the latest Annual Report can be found here.

how to join upca

Membership can only be obtained through an affiliated organisation and there are different classes which apply at different stages of an individuals training.  If you have any queries regarding your membership then please contact us.


There are five classes of individual membership read more....

UPCA membership benefits

Membership with UPCA provides the opportunity to join the only independent national register for psychotherapists and/or psychotherapeutic counsellors who have trained within universities.  The quality of these trainings is linked with research and developments in the field and meets the highest of academic as well as professional and ethical standards.

Benefits include:

  • Clinical membership leads to inclusion on the UPCA independent, national register as a psychotherapist or psychotherapeutic counsellor
  • Accredited clinical membership provides a route to the UKCP National Register of Psychotherapists and the UKCP National register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors
  • The opportunity to be accredited as a supervisor and be included on both the UPCA and UKCP registers of supervisors
  • Clear mechanisms, with no additional charges, for meeting the 5 yearly re-accreditation requirments of both UPCA and UKCP
  • Support with UKCP random audit procedures
  • Access to an on-line newsletter
  • Reduced fees for UPCA conferences and events
  • Reduced fee subscription to the European Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling

For a full, detailed list of the benefits of UPCA membership please follow the link here